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Cap Gemini ETL Interview Questions
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what are the types in error loging?


Hi, can anyone plz share the project architecture for etl testing(banking domain) plz explain the architecture .


can u anyone plz share some etl testing interview question . and share the sql queries and unix . plz help me to clear in the etl testing interview by sharing ur knowledge


Hi can anyone write query for the below input and output Table 1 col 1 100 Null 200 300 Table 2 col1 Null 400 700 800 o/p 200 700 800 2)sql col 1 contains 23x-5-45 26x-12-45 28x-10-50 o/p middlevalue should be greater than 10


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Cap Gemini ETL Interview Questions

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Suppose I am loaded with questions as I am an experienced etl coder, but not an analytical report builder. I am using analysis services to build a cube but am trying to choose the reporting architecture. Can someone please confirm whether or not reporting services (using the business intelligence report) will allow for slicing and dicing, or is it only a static report builder. Also, if I am using the cube browser in analysis services, where can I put the option of non empty so that I dont see records that are blank.?