define defect lifecycle step by step

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / sumithra

1. Once you raise the bug the stage will be submit
2. when the dev accepts the bug it will be in Assigned state
3. when they deliver the fix it will be in Verify state.
4. Once you verify and it is not reproducable and if you
close it. It will be in closed state
5. After the fix is delivered and if you see the issue you
can reject the fix and then the bug status will be in re-
fix and will be in assigned state back

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / samsirsameer

Bug Life Cycle:

New: Test Engg finds a bug, drafts it and post in in Bug
Tracking system (BugZilla, PVCS, JEERA..ect)
Initially the bug is assigned to POC (testing) or TeamLoead
(development) or the test enggg directly assigns it to the
concerned developer (if he knows)

i. Assigned: The Teamlead or POC or the tester himself (if
he is aware of teh developer working on that bug) assigns
the bug to the Concerned developer

The POC or the development lead thinks that the posted bug
ENHANCEMENT (future request), he changes the status and
assigns the Bug back to the TEst Enginner. The TEst ENgg,
then closes the bug as per the lead/poc comments.

The concerned Developer to whom the bug is assigned, will
look in to the isue
i.He may not be able to reproduce the bug. NOT ABLE TO
REPODUCE. He will assign it to the concerned test engg, the
test enginner willll verify and if repro he willl add his
comments (more detailed steps and assign) it to the
developer. If not reproduces, he will add conmmnents and
close it.

ii. Developer will fix and cnahe the status to
RESOLVED/FIXED and assigns it to Test Enginner

Stage#4:The test engg will reverify the bug in the fixed
build and if
it si fixed, he will add coments admn close it
if not fixed, he will add comments and assigns back to the

Again Stage#3 will come into picture and then Stage#4 until
the bug is verfied and closed.

Bug States:
No plan to fix/Not a bug

Thanks, SamsirSameer

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / binny

new-->Assign-->devlopement in progresss-->devlopement comlete-->awaiting state-->testing in progress-->testing complete-->if(pass) then close else reopen.
when a test engg find any defect,he inform to the devlopement
team,at the mean time the default status of the defect is treated as new or open.
if he got 10 defects.then all 10 defects are not fixed at a time,9 are ain reopenkeep just in hold that is asssigned phase.1 which is going to be fix is treated as devlopement in progress.
after fixing the defect the devlopement lead change the status of the defect,it is terminated as devlopement in complete.
in testing progress,the test engg chk whatever the defect fix by the devlopement is properly fixed or not.
if all things are done properly than its status should be close.else it again reopen.reopen is very shameful for devloper.

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / venumadhuri

new- when a defect is identified
open- when projmang agress it as valid
assign- promgr will assign bug to respective developer
resolved- by developer if bug is fixed
differed- if not a valid bug
pending- when it needs some time to fix
accepted- when bug is accepted by developer
asdesigned- when the bug is not a bug. [It is as per client
requirement ]
reopen- By tester when the bug is not fixed
closed- when the bug is fixed

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / ch.harikrishna

5)Re-test(If the bug is fixed then status is close or if the bug is not fixed then status is re-open)

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / chhabrachhagan


These are main of bug life cycle
1.New-----Bug is found.(TL confirms)
2.Open----Bug is in open state.
3.Assigned-----Bug is assigned to developer.(DEV TL Assigned to devloper)
4.Fixed---Bug is fixed.
5.Retest---Bug has been fixed or not.
6.Reopen----If bug is not fixed then we reopen it and its again assigned to that developer.
7.If bug is fixed then it is in fixed state.

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / preethi.v.s

1.Log new defect
2.Bug status description
e)could not reproduce
f)need more information

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define defect lifecycle step by step..

Answer / nag

Hi Preethi, Bug life cycle is not correct. Please Provide
the step by step process


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