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Cap Gemini Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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what is the difference between initial mass copy and periodic mass copy?

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what is aim methodology?explain me in detail? what is ur role in it ? in which phases u involved

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Can you split an Invoice?

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What is the procedure for requisition import?

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What are mandatory steps for payable module before entering transaction ?

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What is the consolidation ?

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What is the Entry in Oracle Apps AP,AR,GL for following Transations 1.One Pipe purchase at Rs.100 2.One Pipe Sales At Rs.150 Which account Afected ,What is the journal entry What is the entry at respective module how many modules are afected through above transation

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What is the significance of Line Ordering and Line Grouping? Explain.

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How can we create FSG in another currency other than the currency which is associated with ledger?

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why we use segment and flex field qualifier what is the difference between flexfield and segment qualifiers

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MOAC Setups

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can u make payment across two legal entity ? ex:- one primary ledger, two legal entity and one legal entity have "A" operating unit and another legal entity have "B" Operating unit .. i posted invoice in "A" OU, can i make payment through "B" OU ? if Yes what is mandatory setups ?

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Can any one please share the answer for "What is the Journal Approval Process in Oracle Apps General Ledger"?

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segment qualifier types and usage

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Prepared transaction for 1000$, Received receipt from customer For 1000$, Transaction and receipt closed. customer returned 200$ worth goods, He wants refund for 200$. how can you achieve this.

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Post New Cap Gemini Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

Cap Gemini Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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