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Cap Gemini CICS Interview Questions
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What are the situations under which NEWCOPY is required ?

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Can you define multiple maps in a BMS mapset?

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What are different ways of initiating transaction in CICS ?

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suppose u want to pageup and page down into the bms screen , for that wat u wud do into the cics application program?

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How can u pass the control from one prog to another in CICS?

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whar is the difference bwn LINK() and XCTL()?

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Im creating map, when i press tab key cursor must skip second position and it move to the third field directly. how can i code plz send the answer.

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how i can enter into cics region in real time.

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are we use the group by clause in cursors?

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plz tell me abt PF key and PA keys

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Particular area has been affected in cics screen, what is the process to find?

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write the logic for PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN by using psuedo conversatation technique?

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How do you enter into cics region and how many regions available?

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Can any one write coding for scrolling logic or page up & page down?

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Cap Gemini CICS Interview Questions

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