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Cap Gemini Cognos Interview Questions
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what is the meaning of aggregation and rollup aggregation? Difference between layout calculation and query calculation? How do you hide the rows that have null values? why we use query studio? what is the use of query studio compared to report studio?

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what is report view?

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what is the difference b/w mdx and sql?

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what is render variable

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what is cognos architechure

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What is slicer & dicer ? what is sub session parameter ?

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Interval Prompt's Usage? Example for usage in Project

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-------------How to create a PortalTab?

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-------------How to do Bursting a Report?

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--------------Explain Table of contents?


----------------Diff b/w Dimensional modeling and Relational modeling?

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-------------Diff b/w Union and Unionall?

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-----------------What is Singleton?

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-------------------What is StarShema?

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------------------What is Inline Query?


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Cap Gemini Cognos Interview Questions

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