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Cap Gemini SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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To start a transaction how many ways are there and what are they?

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What are the Standard output types in SD?

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What are the challenging issues you have faced in implementation project/Maintainance project in SD Functionality? How you have overcome that issue?

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what is line item

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What is Integration between SD and MM : SD and FICO ? Can any body give me this is ?

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What is the client specific data? Give two examples of client specific data?

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Why do you need to create new pricing procedure when you are in supporting project?

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Can we rename movement types?

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What is the importance of relase status in condition table?

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explain process andsteps involved in returns third party order processing?

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If client requirement is he want settlle rebate with material(instead of amount) how can we settle?

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What documents are generated after saving Billing document?

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what is CTS? where it can be use?

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can anybody explain briefly about SLS ?

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if the client logon screen deleted, requirement is urgent? then what can we do ?

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Cap Gemini SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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