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Cap Gemini Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what are important steps to take during the conversion of an accounting system?

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salary is which type of account??

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what is BRS

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What is Standard Cost?

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What do u mean by Deferred Revenue Expenses? Explain with examples?

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what is the diffrent between income statement and balancesheet

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If a company purchase the goods for rs. 100 and intends to Sell it for 200. What is the journal entry for this?

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what is the journal entry for credit sale and credit purchase?

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what is portfolio management?

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How to prepare a final account?

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Salary to the employee comes under expense or liabilty to the co? how?

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1.In SAP T-code MIR 44 is used for what purpose? 2. What are the entires for Depreciation? 3.Trade discount comes under; account b.P/L account c. balance sheet 4. T- code F-44 is used to reverse po entry?

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What is difference between Accrual and Provision,provide me with an example.

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what is the difference between valuation class and valuation area in sap FICO

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what is payment method?How many payment method we can assign to company code.


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Cap Gemini Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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