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Cap Gemini Interview Questions
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what is line item

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Are EVENTS Possible in LSMW?If so how to achieve?

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How to watch currnet value of an object like OK buton or edit box with "Agent Name:" label. in watch expression tab?

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what is the diffrence between qualityassurance and system testing explain in detail with an example?

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testing is a procedure or methodology,diff between methodoly and procedure?

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in the smartform we have a folder option .i don't know what is the use of this folder?if any body knows please answer this question?

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The first VSAM file V1 has 2 fields A and B . There is a DB2 file which has fields E and f. We need the fields A, B , E and F to another VSAM file called V2. Kindly mention the logic in procedure division in cobol..

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i got h1b papers,next month interview is there,iam sapsd consultant what are the technical questions they will ask

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what is functionality testing?

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what is migration testing?

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what are 6 microsoft rules used for user interface testing?

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Can anybody tell me the procedure to impliment the SAP OSS notes in detail?

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What are the types of tables in Teradata

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As im new to BO, tel me 1.How to do migration from BO6.5 to BOXIR2? 2.whats the difference b/w BO6.5 to BOXIR2. 3. whats the way both BO 6.5 n BOXIR2 file storge varies.

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please tell me about fish model which is used in sdlc model ,and also tell me about the founder of fish model and diagram of fish model and other things in details

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Cap Gemini Interview Questions

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