who prepare test plan?

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who prepare test plan?..

Answer / shiva

Test Lead or Senior Tester will prepare the Test Plan

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who prepare test plan?..

Answer / ravinder reddy

Based on the SRS Document ,Use cases and Snapshots Test Lead
prepares the Test Plan in some situations Senior Tester can
also prepares the Test Plan

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who prepare test plan?..

Answer / priya

TEST LEAD prepares the test plan document.

Test plan is strategic document whicvh contains some
information that describes how to perform a task in an
application in aneffective manner . for any other doubts
ping me on rpriyasrss2011@gmail.com

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who prepare test plan?..

Answer / md. abdul momen

Test plan is a strategic documents that describes the
objectives, scopes, approach and focuses on a test
engagement. Team Lead/Manager writes the Test Plan.

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who prepare test plan?..

Answer / preeti

test architect will do the test plan

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