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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions
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If RTM is not avaiable in the project whatis use and what the Difficult you face

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what is v-model and explan with diagramm


we go to shopping. after completion of shopping we have to pay money. we swipe our credit/debit card in swiping machine. assume your card is icici card. and that machine is of with what name the bank of your card is called ? and that machine's bank name?

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1.write test cases for bangle 2.what is difference between defect and bug life cycle 3.what are the inputs for writing test cases to map requirements to test cases 5.where to attached the test cases 6.what is sdlc 7.what are the difference between sanity and smoke testings 8. user accaptance testing types 9.what is the mail module in qc 10.why are u changing ur job

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Write Boundary value analysis , Equivalence partitioning & Error guessing cases on 1 liter Water Bottle. It should not include functionality Testing cases.?

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What is Defect Acceptance ?

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What will you do if developer is not able to reproduce defect ?

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What is pending/Rejected defect. Did ever come across such defect? Give example

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Tell me agile process in your company

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Difference between Agile process and Water Fall model


Difference between Agile process and V Model

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Suppose u got Change Request from client just before release, What is your approach and how do you convenience the client.

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In Agile process, If you have not completed task in the Sprint time, How do you complete the task or do you add the task to next sprint.

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Difference between test Methodology and test strategy

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Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

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Post New Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions

Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions

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