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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are noise variables?


what is the diffrence between qualityassurance and system testing explain in detail with an example?

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What methodologies have you used to develop test cases?

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testing is a procedure or methodology,diff between methodoly and procedure?

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do u know abt configuration management tool,what is the purpose of maintaining all the documents in configuration manage ment tool?

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do u know abt integration testing,how do u intregate diff modules?

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testing is a process or methodology,diff between methodology and process?

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trecebality matrix used for which purpose?

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what is test scenario? write the test scenarios for your project?please tell the answer? The Automobile Dealer Office Automation (ADOA) application fully automates all vehicle sales and service operations. The project will maintain information about vehicles, spare parts, services, customers, sales and invoices. It facilitates to stores info about job cards and it can generate job

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what is bug life cycle?

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what is bugzilla?

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what is deffered status?

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Give me different methodologies used in testing?

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How do you Prepare a Defect Managemnt Policy


Difference between Client server & Web based Testing?

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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions

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