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Cap Gemini Siebel Interview Questions
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Define nameserver and the uses of it?

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In the Siebel screens, what are the different fields available and what kind of validation will you be doing for that.


What are the different views available in Siebel?


How will you check the Visibility in Siebel?

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What are the different screens available in Siebel?


What are the different types of Orders which you create in Siebel?

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What are the different Entities available in Siebel?

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How will you create a Contact in Siebel?

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In a flow, when a Customer has called for enquiring about some product. He does not have any Service tag, Order # or SR#. In this case what kind of Activity will be created and how will the agent proceed with the Activity.


When querying for a data in Siebel, what kind of operators can we use?

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What are the different elements in Siebel?

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I have two screens(screen1, screen2) contains same applet(applet1).i want in the screen1->applet1 with picklist and screen2->applet1 with diffrent picklist. How can we configure this senario?

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how to dispaly ascendimg in pick list


How to invoke an URL on clicking a button in Applet

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Cap Gemini Siebel Interview Questions

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