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Cap Gemini Advanced Java Interview Questions
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I wantr to know, How many number of users logged in to website? can any one answer

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can we write implementation for a method with in another method?

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Dear freinds... I want to know how to write self mapping for a table using hibernate?

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1) what is synchronization? 2)write a program to show synchronization ? 3) what is orm? 4) what is getTemplete method and hw u use it? 5)write a singleton program ? 6) what is IOC concept & explain it? 7) methods of spring? 8)explain spring framework? 9)what are the oops concept? 10)what r the diff types of exception? 11)what is AOP(assepct oriented programing)? 12)jsp life cycle? 13)servlet life cycle? 14)how to u catch ur exception when executing a query in hibernate? 15)write javascript function? 16)write a querry to join two tables? 17)wap to show inheritance and use of interface? 18)explain the project? 19)in spring bean class uses singleton or prototype? 20)Explain prototype?

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what we can't do in jdbc but can do hibernate?

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Cap Gemini Advanced Java Interview Questions

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