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Cap Gemini Data Stage Interview Questions
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if we take 2 tables(like emp and dept), we use join stage and how to improve the performance?

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how to create document in datastage?

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how to transfer file from one system to another system in unix? which cmd to be use?

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what is the diff b/w switch and filter stage in datastage

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how to cleansing data

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what is a force compile

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How to transfer file from one system to another system in UNIX?which command to be use?

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How to create a doccument in datastage?

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i have flat file and using unix how can i generate sequence number into targer?

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i have one table with one column in this column i have three rows like 1,1,2 then that rows populate to target as first tow rows as one row and remaing row as one row how it posible? COLUMN_NAME SHIVA RAMU MADHU THEN I WANT TO LIKE SHIVA AND RAMU IN ONE ROW AND MADHU IS ONE ROW IF ANY ONE KNOW PLZ TELL ME

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What is Horizontal transformation, vertical transformation,diagonal transformation?

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How can remove duplicates in a file using UNIX?

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i have a table col1 10 20 30 40 10 20 50 my requirement is how to retrive only duplicates like 10 10 20 20 like this how it's possible in SQL?

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How to get max salary of an organization using data stage stages........... can any body help me plz.......

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I have a file it contain 2 records like empname,company as Ram, Tcs and Ram, IBM. But i want empname, company1,company2 as Ram, TCS,IBM in the target. How?

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Cap Gemini Data Stage Interview Questions

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