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Cap Gemini SAP HR Interview Questions
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PLease send Me SAP-HR Interviw Questions and FAQ's.

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If I had to configure hourly wages, say for a week, the employee works for 56 hours, where would I do that?

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. What are primary and secondary wage types? What does /559 stand for?

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How did you integrate Payroll with Financial Accounting for Payroll processing?

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How did you create pay scale structure?

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What is the difference between Personnel Area and Pay scale Area? If I had 1000 areas, would i create 1000 pay scale areas)

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What is the taxation you used for USA.

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What were the reports generated by you in payroll?

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What is the difference between exempt employee and non exempt employee?

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What is meant by wage type characteristics? Explain it by taking the example of Basic Pay.

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What was the type of time recording you used in time management. Positive or negative? What is positive time recording and negative time recording? What are the differences between them?

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How do you transfer data from PA to OM.

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1.What is account assignment feature? and what is the advantage of cost centres? and what is cost distribution?

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what is default position in Org management?

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what is the configuration part in ESS/MSS being SAP HR functional consultant. what r the responsibilities ...

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Cap Gemini SAP HR Interview Questions

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