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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Difference between client application and web application

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What is your framework of current project

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Hi can any one plz answer me how to set up the test environment does it done by tester it self? its urgent thanks in advance roli

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what is the Diff between UAT and QA?

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hi can anyone tell me about vision plus testing? and what about its future

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Who will Prepare the Tracebility Matrix?

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difference between smoke and sanity testing? help me with the clear answer...

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what are the parameters use to write the test plan document?

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In which type of testing testing started from requirement phase?

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What is difference between Manual testing and Pega/BPM testing?


Explain about your current project role? and What are the applications involved? Where you will get paper bills?

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What is verification and validation in software testing? explain with examples?

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What is smoke testing and sanity testing?

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HP QC Defect life cycle?

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When you will raise defect? before defect raising what you will do?

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Cap Gemini Manual Testing Interview Questions

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