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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions
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AT the max how many transformations and mapplets can we use in a mapping ?

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what is meant by lookup caches?

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In Real Time what are the scenarios u faced, what r the tough situations u have overcome, and explain about sessions.

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What is the difference between Oracle performance and Informatica Percfomance? Which performance is better?

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how to run 2 workflows sequentially. plz respond what is the process?

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how many repositories can v create in informatica .

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Hi, I have one scenario.. i want to insert 4 times (Duplicate) a row in the target. Please help me . source row: abcabc Tgt table: abcabc abcabc abcabc abcabc

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my source having 10 records but how can i load 20 records in target, i am not bother about duplicates?

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in which situations we go for pesistent cache in lookup and which situations go for shared lookup cache?

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what is flat file override?

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what is mapping override?

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what is session override?

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what is parameter file?

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what is mapping parameter?

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what is session parameters?

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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions

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