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Cap Gemini SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What is Consolidation route and delivery routes? How to define Logon groups? And what is Logon load balancing? What is Transport domain and Domain controller?

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What are the steps to configure TMS?

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What SAP tools you use to install SAP patches?

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What are the differences between system refresh and client refresh?

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What are the current kernal patch level and current support patch level?

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what is the differ between 4.7EE and ECC5.0?

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How many default clients are available with SAP

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35.If you see the same parameter value in all instance profiles what will you do ?

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Explain Client Export in SAP?

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Explain Client Import in SAP?

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diff between SM50 and SM66?

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Name of the ABAP program to delete background jobs?

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what is the road map of SAP ?

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How many type of SAP Logs and where do they reside?

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Cap Gemini SAP Basis Interview Questions

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