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Cap Gemini VB Script Interview Questions
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How to remove the spaces in a string Ex: "this is apple"

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How to find arry size in qtp vb script

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Input = 124 output should be 124421 Please do not use any string functions/variables

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How to return only alpha bate string from an string str = "bibhu@#$%&das&*)(SUndar"

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how to store charecters of HARIBABU Using arrays

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hai..friends ....what is the difference between function and sub procedure every one know's theoretically here my question is what is the meaning of function can return the value and sub can't return the value...can you give one example with some values for that ....what does it mean ? how function can return the value...sub can not...any one please...........with example

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if there is any string in a given format like as "company name employeecode date" then we have to fetch employeecode form string for ex-string is "capgemini12345june2013" then we have to fetch 12345 by using vb script so guys how can we do that please reply it.

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How to remove the spaces in a string Ex: "Welcome to QTPWorld" ?

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what does create object actually do when you call it in vbscript?

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w r p syed then output was deys and click eysd and click ysde and click sdey and click deys and click eysd............

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Cap Gemini VB Script Interview Questions

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