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Cap Gemini L1 Visa Interview Questions
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Hi, i am Diploma Holder in computer engg. + i have Done Diploma in Software engg (GNIIT Course).. of 3 yrs from private Institue called NIIT.. + i have 4years of Experience in IT Industry(MNC) ... Am I eligible to apply for L1


My Company going to file L1-B next week.i completed my MCM FY in 2005 & due to health problem i was not able attend MCM final exam in 2006 hence i passed the MCM final in 2007 means i did 2 Year PG in 3 Year after that i have 3 year 6 month of IT experience.Do the 1 year passing diffrence in education can cause any issue in Visa. Please Advice.


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Cap Gemini L1 Visa Interview Questions

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