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Cap Gemini SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is Pointer ?

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what is call by value & call by reference ?

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What is trigger ?

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What is full form of XP ?

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Why do you want to join software field as you have done your BE in Electronics?


What is @@Identity in sql?

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What is SCOPE_IDENTITY() in sql

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can i write function in stored procedure and stored procedure in function and nested procedure.Give one example for each question?

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How can u get the number of pupils connecting the database?

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How to a Query to copy data from on table to another table.

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What is Schema in Database?

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What is storeprocedure?Tell me synatx for how to write stored procedure.

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What is index?

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Tell me about Triggers?

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How get current date in SQL server 2000

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Post New Cap Gemini SQL Server Interview Questions

Cap Gemini SQL Server Interview Questions

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