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Cap Gemini Business Objects Interview Questions
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How to link one location universe to other location universe

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what is local filter

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am a fresher hw to get real time experience?

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tell me about aggregate awareness in detail?

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i want to take a report 10 records per page. How to take it? is there any paging option in BO?

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As im new to BO, tel me 1.How to do migration from BO6.5 to BOXIR2? 2.whats the difference b/w BO6.5 to BOXIR2. 3. whats the way both BO 6.5 n BOXIR2 file storge varies.

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What is the purpose of @aggregate aware function?please draw, how you use the @aggregate aware function

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Explain about derived tables?

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i have 2 fact and 2 dimension tables in my universe . my question is how get the data with two fact tables in a report?

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When we are going for Shortcut join and why.

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What are the types(Specific Names) of Scheduling in BO?

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how to limit number of rows in a report in business objects using webi?

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What are the advantages of setting up LOVs in the Universe?

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In a column if the value is >10000, it has to show downwards Arrow in green color, If the value is <10000, it has to show upwards arrow in red Color.... How to achieve this?

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what is projection function in SAP BO

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Cap Gemini Business Objects Interview Questions

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