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Cap Gemini Core Java Interview Questions
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What is singleton class?

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What is the difference between throw and throws?

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What is onClassLoader in java?

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How does marker interface provides functionality to the implemented class ? or How dose maker interface gets the functionalities as serialization or cloning.

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what are the major differences between jdk1.4 and jdk1.5?

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What are the notations in Java?

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What are library required to connect to excel sheet.

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What is “try and catch” in java

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Scenario: There are 1 to 100 numbers. Each number should be keep in the each column like from A column to Z column ie 1 to 26. From 27 to 52 should be in 2nd row in the excel sheet. This has to be continue till 100. How do you write Java program and what are various methods.

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I declared main() method as private. But it still running and displaying the output. Please Answer it . Code Snippet as Below: import*; class over { private static void main(String[] args) { int high = Integer.MAX_VALUE; int overflow = high + 1; int low = Integer.MIN_VALUE; int underflow = low - 1; System.out.println(high + "\n" +overflow +"\n"+ low +"\n"+underflow); //System.out.println(overflow); //System.out.println(low); //System.out.println(underflow); } }

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What is OOPS Concept?

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What is access modifiers?

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Explain JSP life cycle

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How do you implement polymorphism in our day to day life?


What is design pattern and there types?

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Cap Gemini Core Java Interview Questions

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