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Cap Gemini Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is general accounting?

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What are the AP accounting entries for EXPENSE ITEM VS Inventory Item in oracle ERP


Why discount on issue of debenture is shown as ficitious assest in Balance sheet ..? same why preliminary expenses ia also shown as ficitious assets in Balance sheet :?

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what is vendor setup?why it is required in accounts payable process?

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How Can We Justify the,Real A/C & Nominal A/C?


please give a journal entry for purchase order

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goods with drawn by proprietor for household expenses

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When we are doing the reconciliation process in cash management please tell me what are the different status will happen and when will it happen. Please help me out.


What is an 'Accrued Expenses

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what is the meaning of preliminary expenses

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What is the difference between Accruals and Provisions?


What is the difference between Finance and Accounts?

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What is the difference between General Ledger and Ledger?


Prepaid insurance entry

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What is Deferred income what is the difference between accrued income how it will effect on Financial statement


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Cap Gemini Accounting General Interview Questions

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