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Cap Gemini DB2 Interview Questions
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what's the equivalent Cobol Data type for Decimal(x,y) in DB2? what does the current SQLID register contain?

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I have a DB2 table which has 1000 rows.after udatingg first 110 rows, my job abends. Now what I have to do if I want to restart the job next time so that it should start updating from 111th row (without updating first 110 rows again).

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In a single table,How to retrieve a employee-id of an employee who works in more than one department?

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What error I will get if my select query gives multiple row while executing a Cobol-DB2 program.How can I solve it without using a cursor.

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My cobol program(not having any sql statements) is calling another cobol program ( having sql statements), what is needed for compilation and run in jcls .

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1. what if null values retrived from database and no null indicator mentioned in query. What is sql code.

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what is differnece between DROP TABLE & DELETE TABLE .

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What if we fail to give values in columns declared as NOT NULL ?

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What if , we failed to mentioed null indicator in sql select query , that may retrieve null value ?

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What if we try to insert the base table through updatable view , but failed to give a column value which is defined as NOT NULL.

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What value the host varible will contain , if null indicator value is -2 ? Will it contain the truncated value or nothing will move ?

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How to resolve -805 error in DB2?

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How to resolve -803 sql code in DB2?

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How to resolve -818 sql code in DB2?

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How to resolve -502 sql code in DB2?

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Cap Gemini DB2 Interview Questions

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