What is the technical reviews and reviews?

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What is the technical reviews and reviews?..

Answer / neelmani

It is less formal review
It is led by the trained moderator but can also be led by a technical expert
It is often performed as a peer review without management participation
Defects are found by the experts (such as architects, designers, key users) who focus on the content of the document.
In practice, technical reviews vary from quite informal to very formal

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What is the technical reviews and reviews?..

Answer / mehaboob

Technical review is of verification phase, where moderator
lead the review process. The document (Functional
Specification, Functional design docs etc) which need to be
reviewed is given to the participant. after individual
workout on the document any changes needed to document will
be highlighted in meeting. scribe will make a note of that.
matrix and checklists are optional. it may very from
informal to quite formal

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What is the technical reviews and reviews?..

Answer / jethva_trupti

A peer group discussion activity that focuses on achieving
consensus on the technical approach to be taken

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What is the technical reviews and reviews?..

Answer / btech

For each document, It should be reviewed. Technical Review
in the sense, For each screen, developer will write a
Technical Specification. It should be reviewed by developer
and tester. There are functional specification review, unit
test case review and code review etc.,

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