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Accenture SAS Interview Questions
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How would you include common or reuse code to be processed along with your statements?

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When looking for data contained in a character string of 150 bytes, which function is the best to locate that data: scan, index, or indexc?

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If you have a data set that contains 100 variables, but you need only five of those, what is the code to force SAS to use only those variable?

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Code a PROC SORT on a data set containing State, District and County as the primary variables, along with several numeric variables.

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How would you delete duplicate observations?

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How would you delete observations with duplicate keys?

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How would you code a merge that will keep only the observations that have matches from both sets.

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How would you code a merge that will write the matches of both to one data set, the non-matches from the left-most data set to a second data set, and the non-matches of the right-most data set to a third data set.

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What is the Program Data Vector (PDV)? What are its functions?

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Does SAS ‘Translate’ (compile) or does it ‘Interpret’? Explain.

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At compile time when a SAS data set is read, what items are created?

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Name statements that are recognized at compile time only?

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Identify statements whose placement in the DATA step is critical.

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Name statements that function at both compile and execution time.

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Name statements that are execution only.

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Accenture SAS Interview Questions

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