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Accenture SAS Interview Questions
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When you will use nowd option in report???

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What is the difference Using & and && in the macro variables

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Difference b/n proc means and proc summary procedures?

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if a program has some 1000 or more line and how to know whether the syntax of the particular code is correct without checking it manually

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what is a post baseline?

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Below is the table. Required to be output should be the highest number of each student_id. Example. Student_id Subject Marks 1 Hindi 86 2 Hindi 70 3 English 80 . Calculate sum and average marks for each group of student_id Example. Student_id Subject Marks Total Marks Average 1 English 40 181 60.33333 2 English 67 196 65.33333 3 English 80 160 53.33333 PLEASE PROVIDE THE CODE OF ABOVE PROBLEMS

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if a variable contain dates like "2015/01"---"2015/12" (yymm) ,How to add day to those dates,if them month is jan then 31 if the month is feb then 28 so on ...


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Accenture SAS Interview Questions

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