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Accenture SAS Interview Questions
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how do you derive descriptive statistics?

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what are the considerations when picking a SAS/STAT procedure?


what kind of variables are collected in AE dataset?

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Baseline definition in your study

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What are the efficacy variables in your study?

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What procedure you used to calculate p-value?

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how do you validate tables abd reports?

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What are TEAEs

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What are all the problems you faced while validating tables and reports?


What are the rows present in protocol Violation table?

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What is shift table? have you ever created shift that?

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The below code we are using for creating more than one macro variables in proc sql using into clause. How we can use same code to create macro variables vara, varb, varc instead of var1, var2, var3.? proc sql noprint; select count(distinct(patient)) into :var1 - :var3 from dataset1 group by trtreg1c ; quit;

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how can you get the single data set from the library(which has the number of data sets)?

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whenever we using the merging through data set merging ,we can get note in log like this "MERGE STATEMENT HAS MORE THAN ONE ONE DATASET BY REPEATED BY VAIABLES" but the output has come in good manner,whenever in in sql(full join) we can get cartion How do overcome this problem in sql?

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Tell different ways to create Macrovarible?

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Accenture SAS Interview Questions

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