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Accenture SAS Interview Questions
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What is criteria for adverse events and treatment-emergent adverse events?

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what is ae onset date n what is RDS


what is the difference between proc means and proc summary?

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what is AE onset date and what is RDS?

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How you are maintaining sas programmes in your company...any specific version control software you are using? If so, tell me the name?


why only we use SAS? their r many programmin language like SPSS, Oracle... Why SAS?

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what is intially documentation for a sas programmer?

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AE datasets names? how many types?


what is intially documentation in sas?

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hi i date is 05sep2005; i want the oupput like 05sep2005:00:00:00 ; how it wil come?

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what the use of proc glm

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in data set200 observation how to take 110,150,170 using sql procedure?

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what is conditional processing?

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what type of graphs we will create(for 2+years candidates)?


What are the analysis datasets created, and what are the new variables created in CLINICAL SAS

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Accenture SAS Interview Questions

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