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Accenture QTP Interview Questions
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what is Function Definition Generator? can any one explain me in details?

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How i can test the background color of the records displayed in a Table. Eg i have a .net desktop application and there is a Table(swftable) with records displayed in the grids. i have to validate whether the 1st record is displayed in white background color and 2nd record in light blue background color...But the constraints is that once user click on the first record...the background color changes to grey.......Plze let me now how to validate this with QTP 9.2.

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How u execute test cases in manual testing?

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how u track bugs using Test director in manual testing.

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how u test a frame in a web page using QTP?

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Differenece betwen Project and product ? when company need project or product?

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What frame work ur using in QTP in ur current company?

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What is the extention of Virtualobject

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Check point what is how many types of checkpoint and explain

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what time u r using data driven test in ur app"

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What exactly is the difference among all the three recording modes.

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i am new to qtp i do not know how to write script how to write the code to login if it fails how to able error messages

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hi all can any body explain how to write the script for finding the mandatory fields which are having [red Astrik sign (*)]


If requirments changed then how we can teach the QTP this is the new requirment

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Test script is generated and it is enhanced.It is required to be saved.But the disk space is insufficient.You are not permitted to delete any scripts.How are you going to save?

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Accenture QTP Interview Questions

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