what is TOM in qtp?

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what is TOM in qtp?..

Answer / chittibabu

TOM :-Test object model.
TOM helps the object repository to recognise the
TOM is also given expected objects and where as
ROM is given as the actual objects which gives at the
time of run time.So ROM =Run time object model.

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what is TOM in qtp?..

Answer / pochiram

TOM is nothing but TEST OBJECT MODEL.
It is an object model that QTP uses to represent an
object in our application.Each test object has one or more
methods and properties that we can use to perform
operations an retrieve values for that object.Each object
also has a number of identification properties that can
describe the object.

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what is TOM in qtp?..

Answer / dsm

I think its a test object model,

If u think its wrong correct me

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what is TOM in qtp?..

Answer / raghu

Test Object Model

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what is TOM in qtp?..

Answer / srinivas

test object model is a model which describes how objects r
recognized based on the class.this info is created by qtp
while at learning or recording .in this object
model ,objects r recognized with unique object description

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