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Accenture QTP Interview Questions
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What is an Regular expression doing in VBScript?Tell the pattern for the email verification.

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What are the Test design techniques you uses in ur project?


what is verification & validation?

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when to start the automation?

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what is On Error Resume Next ?

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what are the different kinds of frameworks in automation?

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what is the difference btn risks & Therads in the Test plan documentation?


what is the smart identification techniqu?what r the different mechanisums used in it?

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What are the automation metrice in your project?


How to explain a banking project in interview as a test engineer???


c language is thre but what is the purpose of c++, java is there but what is the purpose of Advanced java ....why these are all versions are coming...whta is the problem?

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i am giving.multiple names like ram,raj,san etc....pls enter & search these names in google pade edit box through script... i told to interviewer, using Ms excel & test easily..but interviwer not happy with that answer?

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interviwer asks what is data table? my ans is Data table is an internal Excel file of QTP...intervier not happy with this also? can u post any other answer?

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what is the difference between DATA TABLE and DATA SET?

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pls guys understand this is question CAREFULLY,,, interviwer asks can u write test case for ATM m/c..i told, insert card enter this,,but interviwer not happy with that...ur not going to atm center? in ur office system ur testing ATM M/c...why to test? what is the process?

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Accenture QTP Interview Questions

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