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Accenture Interview Questions
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can we create views in bdc

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Give the logic for this #include #include void main() { clrscr(); int a=10,b; b=++a + ++a; printf("%d", b); getch(); } Output: 24......How?

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Why we have to generate the profile again after saving the authorization data while role creation or modification ?

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how to write hello word without using semicolon at the end?

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how can i get 2nd highest salary in datastage?can u send me ,thanQ 2)if i had source has 2 records 1st record ie 1st column contains 1,2,3 and 2nd coulmn contains 10,10,10 i have to get target as 2nd columns as 20,30,40 how can i?

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What is Matrix


if the defect is not reproducible then what u give the status in quality center

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What type of versions we r using in mainframe (jcl, cobol, db2, vsam, cics)?

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where i can find the file sapinfo.exe (to check the sap server is running or not through cmd "sapinfo.exe"). i have already check all the SAP GUI installation DVD and sap installation folder, please help, thanks in advance

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what is intially documentation for a sas programmer?

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AE datasets names? how many types?


what is intially documentation in sas?

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What is the command to check ports active in UNIX?

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i have two sources both is oracle database . one is coming from USA database and another one is coming from U.k database .i am using source qualifier transformation to join that time in session level source properties which path i need to give to retrieve that data. thanks bala 09619894486

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Accenture Interview Questions

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