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Accenture SAP MM Interview Questions
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What is major difrence in COMPANY and Comapany Code?

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What is material attribute? How you will differentiate Row material and Finish goods?

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How you willl capture Unplaned delivery cost in the PO

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Pricing Procedure – How Pricing procedure taking place in the PO

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I can store material price in Inforecord for a articular vendor. What is other place also I can sotre this info? Explain

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If I have one PO with me & I made GR with partial Qty & after that I want to block PO for one month means user shouldn't make GR against this PO & after one system should allow to make GR. In this case where I need to do changes?

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What is material length & What is the maximum linit to define it?

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what is reference purchasing organization?

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What all different type of master available in MM Module?

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What is the significance of Qty/Value update check box (e.g. by valueation area) in Material Type configuration?

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when i am creating info record:purch.organisation data 1:i am getting error make an entry in all required fields

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what are the customization u have done in sap mm

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Can you explain how to use IDOC/EDI processes in purchasing like PO and in what context

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In material master do you know any basic tables? What is the difference between MARA and Mark?

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Explain the subcontracting Flow in details which includes the Account which gets Hit & the explanation of each Account Hit...I was not able to answer in details but explained the flow.

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Accenture SAP MM Interview Questions

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