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Accenture Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Brief about yourself?

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Tell me the story of the last movie u saw?

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what is for call centre what is voice and non voice and what is the eligiblity for this job

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speak about your college days or speak on morning,school days,hometown,or the city where you live

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when god is infront of u what would be ur three wishes and why??

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Return and back both have the same meaning. Can we use the word "returned back"?

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topic on telecommunication.

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Why are like to work in my company?


Why Accenture? What do you know about Accenture?


Why do you want to join this company?

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tell me about your native place

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why you want to join non voice (backend) process whereas u have lots of exeperince in voice process

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what u have done since morning

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hai iam naresh iam facing problem in interview, tell me about your self. how to answer this question.

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tell me something about chennai

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Accenture Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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