why should i hire u?

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / roland balagtas

I am industrious, innovative and willing to adapt to changes
in work. I get along very well with people and can promote
good team play, which can lead to a good working environment.

These qualities plus enthusiasm, persistence, punctuality
and my willingness to work hard with perseverance makes me
an asset of the company.

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / aditya

becuase my skills and knowledge are matching with your job and eveyone want to be part of reputed organization like yours.

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / dinesh sothiya

You should hire me because I have the ability to learned quickly, I have a positive attitude and I will give my 100% best to my job. If you give me a chance I will prove myself,

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / amit gurjar

As a fresher, I do not much of experience but I am self motivated, hardworking and Quick learner so if you hire me I give me my 100percent for company.

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / ibanrisha suting

It is a great platform to prove myself and improve my skills.if you hire me I will do the best for the organisation

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / ivy

You should hire me because I am hardworking, motivated and very dedicated to work. I am very optimistic, confindent,fast learner and I can adapt to change quickly..

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / rajat kumar singh

As a fresher, I don't have any experience but if you will hire then I will give my best effort for this organisation....

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / balaji

i will fulfill the requirement that what the corprate needs
and to enhance consistently along with the company for its
future welfare

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / pia

because i m hardworking, responsible n believe in
fulfilling all my comittments...n i also like to interact
with different people..

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why should i hire u? ..

Answer / rehan

well sir! i understand however i believe i possess the best
of my communication skill which will help in the growth of u
r organization, and i also believe to become the best, so we
should work with the best.:)


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