why should i hire u?

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Answer / roland balagtas

I am industrious, innovative and willing to adapt to changes
in work. I get along very well with people and can promote
good team play, which can lead to a good working environment.

These qualities plus enthusiasm, persistence, punctuality
and my willingness to work hard with perseverance makes me
an asset of the company.

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Answer / aditya

becuase my skills and knowledge are matching with your job and eveyone want to be part of reputed organization like yours.

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Answer / dinesh sothiya

You should hire me because I have the ability to learned quickly, I have a positive attitude and I will give my 100% best to my job. If you give me a chance I will prove myself,

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Answer / balaji

i will fulfill the requirement that what the corprate needs
and to enhance consistently along with the company for its
future welfare

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Answer / pia

because i m hardworking, responsible n believe in
fulfilling all my comittments...n i also like to interact
with different people..

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Answer / kaleem

I believe that i match the qualities & profile you are looking for & confident that i will proof myself if provided a chance.

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Answer / rehan

well sir! i understand however i believe i possess the best
of my communication skill which will help in the growth of u
r organization, and i also believe to become the best, so we
should work with the best.:)


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Answer / princess

i think the qualities and profile u want,are getting matched with my profile.and i have that ability which u want and i will proof myself if u will hire me.Thank you very much but now it will be your choice.

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Answer / chittaranjan

To get maximum out of my knowledge and labour for the
betterment of ur kind organization and help me to grow with
confident towards building my career you should hire me.

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Answer / pramod

of course to get the job done....I belive in giving 100 %
effort in my job & be an asset to the team...I get along
with my team members well, so you won't find any work place
conflicts from my end

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