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HCL Cognos Interview Questions
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write a query to display to 10 max record from the employee table?

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how can create a report like if the salary>50,000 display balance,if salary<50,000 display green?

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Which service handles requests for cognos connection,query studio and event studio.

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what are typees of dimensions

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what is logs in cognos

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What is the use of Generated Prompt? Where is it used in realtime project?

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explain project, package ,model , modelers.........and differences b/w them?

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2. We have asked to create a repots showing sales by region in order to determine which regions are generating the most revenue and highest sales volume. The report needs to include the revenue and quantitiy sold of each subcategory with in category.


what is the difference between application based and web based in cognos?can you please give a example from out of EP 7 series and 8 series?genrel exampel please?

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What are user classes?

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What is conditional Formatting?

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What are variable report studio?

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What snowflake and Starschema?

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How many fact tables you have in your project?

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Where do you edit cognos sql in report studio?

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HCL Cognos Interview Questions

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