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HCL Cognos Interview Questions
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what are burst options you have?

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Where do you set security levels for users in reports?

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What is content store?

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What is content Manager?

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difference between impromptu and cognos8


It is possible with out same Queries(both Reports) we can build the drilltrough between them? and how?

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Write a SQL query which should fetch the 5th maximum salary of an employee from the table?

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what is session parameters? what is use?

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how to merge 2 crosstabs thans


how to connect datamarts


diff b/w grouping and aggregation

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Hi Techies, I got an issue so need your advice here. I have created a report in Report Studio and it's having 2 columns which are having long text as a value (BLOB data type). Report is displaying entire text items in HTML format, but when I'm exporting it into EXCEL it's give me ##########. How to correct (wrap) it in Excel? so when end users they are directly running that report in Excel so instead of seeing ######### for long text items they should see the entire text items in those columns. Please advice!

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hi Cognos Experts Pls Expalin me what is the diffence between list report query and crosstab report query?pls explain me.....

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If there are two values at value prompt level and when selecting first value it have to go to date prompt and when selecting second value we have to get output without any prompting. How to solve this issue. if any plz mail me on this

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what use of surgate key in project

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HCL Cognos Interview Questions

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