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HCL Cognos Interview Questions
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How can you schedule a report based on different time zone ?(ex: local time should be same as 10 am . Japan should get the report at 10 am. USA should get the report at 10 am).Is that possible?

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What is Clipboard? How to import XML file into Clipboard?

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How to find out OLTP data OLAP data ? i.e 5 years data is OLTP or OLAP. please anybody help me...

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Explain the workflow of your current project from end to end?what is the steps?

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In one of my report i have one data item sales_amount. If this report is run by one user from india so the sales_amount should be display in indian repees(Rs.) format, if USA user then in dollers($), if UK user then In Pounds.Hou can i achive this? Please answer me.

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How to generate the Catalog in Cognos? Basically all post describing generating the Catalog from cognos impromptu . Is there any way to generate the Catalog using Cognos Administration or Framework Manager?


Are you aware of any limitations in Cognos?

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HCL Cognos Interview Questions

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