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CTS QTP Interview Questions
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What is ObjectParamater?


Is it a smart choice to use QTP for backend testing?

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How can we use regular expressions for a table in web page, each cell in table having unique identification, Now I want to count number of rows in table and enter data in all cells of the table?

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what is the script for keyword driven framework in real time?plz its urgent

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How you are maintaining shared object repository in your team or your project?help me plz

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How to check feasibility of the appliction?in automation testing?


if we made any changes in shared object repository how it reflects of others like our team members?

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How many regression test suits in your appliction?

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Why you have to add the specific add in in QTP? My answer is to recognize the specific objects we have to add the add-in in QTP...but he asked again after adding addin how qtp recognize the objects successfully? what is there in the add-in ?

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which is the easiest way you can send the QTP test results to Client if he want to see the screenshots when the results are failed?

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What are the five challenges you faced in QTP?


Is QTP Object Oriented language or Object Based language? What are the OOPS concepts it will support? Why it wont support all the OOPS concepts?

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How to integrate QTP with QC using VB Scripting? What are the prerequisites to connect with QC?


Client is able to provide budget..he want you to choose the automation tool for the web application? which one you will select ? QTP or Selenium ? what are the reasons?


You will receive the mail in your outlook from client at night time to go ahead for the execution. Based on the mail you need to trigger the batch run. What is the QTP Code for this?


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CTS QTP Interview Questions

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