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CTS QTP Interview Questions
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HOW do we find a datasheet when there are 4 datasheets in data table.this question was asked by covansys interview.

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can u Give Procedure to Handle Pop Window & write Code for that

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Hi all, what is the latest version of QTP?

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in a web page hoe to check the dynamic links that rechabging with out using regular expressions


how to capture the run time values of web table.

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Greetings friends , Hope all of you are doing well. When I run a test, is it possible for me to for me to take each row from the data table , once at a time. In other words,if i have 10 rows in the global data table, say data1,data2, data 3...and so on up to data10. Can I have the value of data1 when I run a test, and next time when I run the same test (say next day), it should skip data1 as it has already used it and go directly to data 2 ??? Would be great if anybody can help me out know in this issue. Thanks & Regards !!

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Is it possible to check the Run time value property of a field through a Database Checkpoint ? Further, is it possible to localize and mention a particular cell , in the database dynamically. My requirement is that I would need to check the status of a particular field , that would change from an "Active" state to a "Stopped" state dynamically.

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write the regular expression for date format of mm/dd/yy?

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How to handle the exceptions using recovery scenario manager in QTP?


If i entered 2 columns and 4 rows inputs in DDT Like Mango fruit, Banana Fruit, Brinjal Veget, Carrot Veget.. . My Q is How to get the 2nd column value for corresponding 1 column input in 3rd row ie, ( i need to get "veget" in messge box @ run time

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How to swap two numbers by using parameter passing method byref in a fucntion and return the result to outside of the function?

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How to find which type of Framework is suitable for which type of application?

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How to switch between browser tabs? )moving from one tab to another tab)

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Hi, Can any one explain what is mean by Driver Script? is it AOM?

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What is Descriptive Programing? In which cases, we will go for descriptive programing?

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CTS QTP Interview Questions

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