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CTS QTP Interview Questions
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how to calculate no. of repeating characters in a a string..please give me the code

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what kind of erros can be handled with the using QTP?

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Give me some real time point of way where exactly we can conduct audits?


How can we add regular expression for date field (dd/mon/yyyy)?

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Give me exact application where we should use low level recording?

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For Regression testing already written test cases are sufficient?

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Give some brief idea about a) Active x check b) Alt property check c) Applet object check d) Frame object check e) Multimedia links check f) Server side image check g) Table object check

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Give answer with example what is orthogonal array testing technique?

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How to test background color and dynamic images which are moving during runtime?

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What is SQL injection?

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What is vulnerability?

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What is the concept of firewalls?

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In QTP what is the difference between Step-in, Step-out, Step-over ?

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What is the exact difference between QTP and RFT ?

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i have .xls,.txt,.doc files are there (together). i want find only .xls file among them? how can we write function?

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CTS QTP Interview Questions

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