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CTS QTP Interview Questions
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How many ways to configure the application in QTP,Explain

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What are the technics follow in writing VB script?


If you use low level recording,what objects will be recorded in Object Repository and what properties?

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What is the difference between QTP and WinRunner? Why do you choose only QTP for automation among remaing tools like Rational robot and silk test? Write the VBscript for any functionality in your project ? What is the cost of QTP ? If you entered into yahoo mail with your valid user name then you will get FOR EXAMPLE , " welcome to krishna " on the top of inbo page , how can you test it in QTP? What type of testing you can do, when we gave you 5 screens and how can you test that application? What type of framework you are using in your company and explain it?


How good are you in writing VBscript code for your application? Can you completely write VBscrit for your project with out using recording mode in QTP?

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If you entered into yahoo mail with your valid user name and password , then you will get " welcome , username " (for example you will see , “welcome, Krishna” ) text on the top of the Inbox page , how can you test the user name is correct or not using QTP?

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What type of framework you are using in your company and explain it?

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What are the advantages of QTP over WinRunner?

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Why do you choose only QTP for your project automation among remaining tools like Rational robot and silk test?

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how can we know the program is testing by multiple test data in data driven frame work?

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Hi, When I click on a hyperlink a secondary pop-window will open. In that pop-up window there will be 'N' number of records arranged in with paging option in datagrid table. Each rows contains two columns, one is text and the other is a radio button. I will pass the first column value and based in it the tool have to select the corresponding radio button in that row. Please someone help me how to handle this as am new to QTP.

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how do u handle an object with out name in our application using QTP 9.2?


how do u handle an object without name using QTP 9.2?


How will u test content of an web application with out using chechpoints in QTP 9.2?

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how do find current links in webpage for ex: in yahoowebsite today mainpage is having 50 links and next day same page is having 60 links. if i run same programe it should display total links in webpage ?

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CTS QTP Interview Questions

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