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CTS Interview Questions
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i give print command but print is not comming why ? but printer is working properly ...

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which type of architecture 8085 has? what major and minor differnce of 8086&8085

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Why we can't create the object of abstract class ?

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void main() { for(int i=0;i<5;i++); printf("%d",i); } What is the output?..

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what are the aggregate functions in ASP.NET?

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What is the difference between null pointer and void pointer

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What is FILLER command in Teradata?

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What is the output of the following command given in TSO/ISPF terminal? SRCHFOR 'abc' SRCHFORC 'xyz', (+5)

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Greetings friends , Hope all of you are doing well. When I run a test, is it possible for me to for me to take each row from the data table , once at a time. In other words,if i have 10 rows in the global data table, say data1,data2, data 3...and so on up to data10. Can I have the value of data1 when I run a test, and next time when I run the same test (say next day), it should skip data1 as it has already used it and go directly to data 2 ??? Would be great if anybody can help me out know in this issue. Thanks & Regards !!

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Is it possible to check the Run time value property of a field through a Database Checkpoint ? Further, is it possible to localize and mention a particular cell , in the database dynamically. My requirement is that I would need to check the status of a particular field , that would change from an "Active" state to a "Stopped" state dynamically.

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What is the reason for getting the dialouge box( send this error to microsoft giving options as send to microsoft and dont send ) when we abort from the any work when it was struck.

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i want to use only first 100 records from a file.plz tell me how to write JCL for this(for read,copy,write operations).plz give me details of all posible JCL utilities?

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what is impedence (Z) of transformer, what indicate in transformer , which perameter indicate in transformer

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What is disaster testing and recovery testing ?

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what u mean by csrloc and rtncsrloc in rpgIV in as/400.Give an eg? to do...give some coding...what is row no and column no ???..if possible...give a no of lines coding....please


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CTS Interview Questions

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