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CTS Interview Questions
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We have an output dataset in job with disp parameter as SHR. Can we write data in that file dataset?

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One of My Job is running in production, which contains five steps?i want to pass the input to FIFTH step while running is it possible? if how?

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What is the output of the program #include #include void main() {0 int i,j=20; clrscr(); for(i=1;i<3;i++) { printf("%d,",i); continue; printf("%d",j); break; } getch(); }

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I am newbie in J2EE & looking for strong basic behind each concept as, Why do we use private access specifier before each variable of type property bcoz ultimately to access it outside the class we use public method as getter & setter ? If we use getter & setter to access it outside the class so better we make variable as public so that it is easily available outside of the class... Please guide me why do we use as private ????

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write a program to read from a VSAM file , there will be a 5 records to create name. empno. resignation and address to update in a db2 table and call another program using dynamic call to find the matching fields in program 1 to update in db2 table. anybody pls send de program for dis ? thanks in advance...


Difference between 4.7c and ECC 6.0 in security aspect? I tried in many website but still not able to find the correct one.

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Hi friends, I have 100 records in my input file, if i run first,the first 10 records are stored into the output and if i run second time next 10 records stored into the output file like that please let me know the answer Thanks, krishna

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There is any option to delete temp files automatically from temp directory in COGNOS? (without manual)

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where u can used in real time "protect" specifier or real world example of protect specifier

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What's the differs between voltage & current & emf.

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If My Application is down what are the resonations?


How you are maintaining shared object repository in your team or your project?help me plz

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How to check feasibility of the appliction?in automation testing?


How many regression test suits in your appliction?

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How to get one hasmap value in another hashmap ,only value not key


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CTS Interview Questions

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