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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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why scripts are client dependent and smart forms are client independent.?

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what is template in smartform?

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how to block selection scree

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How to debug a smartform using SMARTFORM_TRACE....and how to see its results

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How to print continuous pages in smartform?my requirement is i need to print 3 pages for each customer i.e 2 pages for purchase order forms and 3rd page is terms and condition page.Likewise how can i print 100 customer pages at once continuously?

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what is defference between repository and non repository Object?

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Can we create a database table through a report?

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How to display dynamic logo's in Smartforms? i mean to say different logo's on different pages?

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Suppose in the BDC call transaction we updated one record into the database. In the message log it is showing successful, but it was not updated into the data base? How can we handle?

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Suppose if I’ve 10 records, I don’t want to update 9th record? How can we do that?

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How can we call, call transaction and session method in the same program?

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How can I trigger the outbound IDOC?

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There is a delivery that is being created through the ABAP code and in the middle it says delivery created but someone is modifying , how would you rectify this issue

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In the process of creating a delivery tere is a firld date which needs to be saved, there is an userexit available but that exit does not have that date field in it, how would you overcome this. You have the delivery no that got created instead

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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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