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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How to handle Error in LSMW. This is urgent anybody know this answer plz post me...

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what is the Currency and Quantity field in BDC?

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can any one tell me the types of smartforms

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how can be restore a project deleted in lsmw?

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How to run a report in background??and if we try to run in foreground it says"this report sud be run in background".what can be done in this case?? 2-And how sud we stop a report running in background??

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What are the commands for BDC to pass specified values directly to a Batch Input Session..?

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How many types os LSMW are there anyone knows please tell me?

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in interactive reports i can use hide field for secondary list out put in ALVs for secondary list as a out put which field r u using?in interictive list ican use HIDE in ALVs which field r u using?

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where can u use secondary index in program please tell me? is there any tool to test in development client?is there any performance tool is thre pleaseeee tell me?

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please tell me. different ways of find out the user exist?what is the basic difference between ,user exist ,BAdi,Bapis?

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what is a difference between user exist and coustmer exist?

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hi, what is basic diff b/w RFCs and BAPI? What is basic diff b/w BADI and BAPLI?please dont give the general diff?please any one can tell me?

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what is basic diff b/w 4.7e and ecc 5.0. or 6.0?any one knows please give me exact answer?

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what is RFC?types of RFCs?please any one can give me the interfaces in sap abap with example?

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Dear Experts pls answer the folowing qs that i have faced in the recent intvws: a) Can we execute the script individually? If yes How? Else what we need to do so? b) Are Layout sets Client independent? c) How do you assign a print program to a script? d) Can we call a subroutine in a script? If so, how? e) What are the steps to print SAP script form?

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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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