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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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in bdc which method is suitable for back ground processing?

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can you call a bdc program from report program?

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can you create a script with out a main window?

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how to send smart form result though mail?

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if u write a write statement after end of selection ,will that be triggered?

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what r the main events that r used in alv?

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u r running a report .it is taking a long time for execution .what steps will u do to reduce the execution time?

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can u create internal table dynamically ? how?

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at the checking of sy-subrc after call transaction stmt,if it is zero what is the meaning of that of syn and asynch updates explain. a.)update of database table is success. b.)execution of call transaction is success. For syn update which one is correct? For asyn update which one is correct?

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how to issue the tickets in support project?

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with out doing any action how to go another screen ,means when ever control comes to that particular field this action has to be done?

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how to get the pop up screen ?the first screen as display button ,if we press that button then pop up screen has to come with same information?

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what is the model dialog box?

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in lsmw,where u write the code?

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can u add a new view to the existing view?

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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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