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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what is RFC STUB program?

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how does SAP organise its exits?

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what is the use of CTU_PARAMS when we working with BDC?

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parter profiles are stored in which table?

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Can u give some master data in MM and SD

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MM Flow & SD Flow

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types of smartforms? windows in smartforms?

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Can anybody tell me the procedure to impliment the SAP OSS notes in detail?

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1.what aer the text modules. 2.what is function module in report. 3.what is the land scape in u r projwct.

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what is need of function group for function modules whereas there is no need of for subroutines?

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Can we write inner join between transparent table and cluster table? If both having common fields?

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shell we use select-options in mpp?then how?

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how to keep pushbuttons in application toolbar in alv?

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what are value table and check table ?and what are the difference between them?

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In interactive reporting, suppose i go to N'th list from basic list(primary data) & i wanna come back directly to basic list. So how can i achieve this without using ESC or back button?? Is it possible using set screen 0??

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Cap Gemini SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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